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Vincent Elouard

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The Hidden Contract

In Foreign Cultures

The hidden contract is inherent to every culture. It is transmitted by educators, be they the parents or the family, through meaningful silences, allusions.

The difficulty for the persons of a foreign origin in France is to grow up in a context which has abolished many of the cultural features. Those features are even more vague at school, or in the professional life.

But deep in themselves, such people are still within the hidden contract, particularly difficult to detect if the parents have opted for a "modern", or "French" education. The result of this is a discomfort which can lead to depression, instability or fear to get into the active life.

The study of the hidden contract among the persons from a foreign culture considers the means of communication used in the West, et especially in France, which are part of the local hidden contract. Once those means described, they are compared to the means of communication of different cultures to show the unstable position of the persons : impassability is considered as an absence of emotions, for instance.

In different cultures, with specific exemples, the different aspects according to which an adult must build up their personality to answer to a definition of an accomplished man or a woman are studied. These exemples are each time compared to a different interpretation made by a French interpretor.

Some exemples form cultures coming from Black Africa, South-East Asia, Maghreb, India and Madagascar are studied.The exemples brought by the trainees are also examined one after the other.